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Summit - vakuumpump Elektrisk 12 V

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Summit - vakuumpump Elektrisk 12 V

Summit - vakuumpump Elektrisk 12 V

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Summit - vakuumpump Elektrisk 12 V

Summit art no: SUM-760152

Elektisk vakuumpump vid behov av vakuum där mekanisk pump saknas eller inte räcker till.


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Cars with big cams may run a little short on vacuum for their power brake boosters. For all of the vacuum that you need, just install one of our Summit® electric vacuum pump kits. They include a shiny 12 V pump and all of the vacuum line, fittings, and hardware required for installation. The units are completely self-contained, with no need for the additional wiring of relays or switches--simply supply power to the units and they regulate themselves. When vacuum levels drop below 15 hg, the electric vacuum pumps activate and increase brake vacuum to 20 hg.

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Leveranstid 1-3 dagar
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