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MSD Tändspole GM HEI (fördelare)

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MSD Tändspole GM HEI (fördelare)

MSD Tändspole GM HEI (fördelare)

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MSD Tändspole GM HEI (fördelare)


MSD Art no: 8225


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HEI owners now have a choice to replace their stock coil with the MSD High Energy Unitized Coil for GM HEI Distributors. This coil is a direct re­placement of the stock coil and offers increased spark energy when used with the MSD HEI Module, PN 83645.The coil features special low induc­tance, high temperature windings which charge faster to give you increased spark energy at higher rpm. The premium epoxy filled construction is designed to withstand harsh race applications as well as the wear and tear that daily usage dishes out, and still deliver more spark energy to the spark plugs.

  • Direct performance replacement for GM HEI coil-in-cap distributors


  • 70:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output


  • Full power sparks to 9,000 RPM when used with 8364 MSD HEI Module


  • Recommended for use with MSD HEI Module PN 8364


  • CARB E.O. Approved



Turns ratio: 70:1
Primary resistance: .31 OHMs
Secondary resistance: 9.2K OHMs
Inductance: 3.5 mH
Maximum voltage: 42,000 Volts
Peak current: 200 mA
Spark duration: 200 uS
Weight: N/A



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Leveranstid 3-5 dagar
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