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Quickfuel - E85 Testare

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Quickfuel - E85 Testare

Quickfuel - E85 Testare

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Quickfuel - E85 Testare


Ett enkelt och smidigt sätt för att kontrollera E85 halten i ditt bränsle.


Info från tillverkare:


E85 fuel is said to contain 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, but the fuel mixture can vary anywhere from a low of 70 percent all the way up to 85 percent ethanol, depending on the place of refinement and the season of purchase. 


These Quick Fuel E85 fuel testers will let you know exactly what you are pouring into your tank.


They are designed to help you calibrate your air/fuel mixture. Using the testers takes only a few moments and they are simple to use. 


First, you add water up to the first line on the Quick Fuel E85 fuel testers, and then pour in the E85 sample up to the second line. The ethanol absorbs the water and the gasoline floats on top, revealing a definitive boundary. This boundary will lie in the graduated area of the testers, giving you the percentage of ethanol in the E85 fuel. 

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Leveranstid 1-3 dagar
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